Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Portrait of Aga Khan III
Pencil Drawing - Used 31 shades of Gray Scale Pencil
Artist: Jalal Gilani


Anonymous said...

This is really GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD:-)
Salim Manjee

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog - can't wait to see your new additions :-)


Anonymous said...

Very cool. You are incredibly talented!

Riaz said...

Very nice :-)

Riaz, Karachi PK

Zulie Visram, BC Canada said...

Beautiful work Jalal.

AJ said...

wow! you are very talented. I specially loved Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's pencil
shaded image.

AJ- Seattle, WA

Sajjad Sultan Ali Kaswani said...

too good, great

Anonymous said...

This potrait is soo good. Amazing!!!


Anonymous said...

This portrait is soo good. Amazing!!!